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The Story of Naturally Made by Danielle

My passion comes from caring about what I put on my skin and wanting to share that knowledge with others. I have always been into all things natural from natural remedies for health issues to natural ingredients for my skin.

Having spent a lifetime using well known branded skincare and seeing how much unknown substances are in their products, it made me realise that although some of the benefits of those products were instant, the chemicals that made that to happen do more harm that good. As i'm getting older, it pushed me to research more into natural ingredients for skincare and the benefits that come with it, after all, my skin will be with me for the rest of my life!!

There is so much to learn about the wonderful benefits of natural ingredients as well as the wonderful world of holistic skincare which made me decide to further my knowledge and study for my diploma in making holistic skincare, which I passed with a distinction! This fuelled my passion and helped me to create the wonderful products you see here on this website.

Naturally Made by Danielle brings you luxury quality, affordable,  natural skincare products made from nourishing and vitamin rich ingredients like Shea Butter, Jojoba oil, Hemp oil, cocoa butter and many more. 

Each product has been formulated to ensure your skin benefits from all the wonderful properties these ingredients have to offer, as well as leaving your skin soft, nourished and full of life. I have a range of products made to soothe & promote healing for a variety of skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis & acne as well as products suitable for all skin types like our famous Mango & Shea Body Butter. 

Prior to launching the brand, I did months of research and product trials to help bring you the skincare you see here today and I worked hard to achieve my diploma in herbal holistic product making which opens up a whole new level of skincare.

Handmade to perfection, these products will help you achieve such wonderful results without the use of chemicals, helping you to nourish your skin... Naturally

Naturally Made by Danielle is not just about the products, its also about the customers personal experience and thinking outside of the box. If you do have allergies to specific ingredients or looking for a product to help with a specific skin complaint, please do get in contact as I am able to adapt recipes to suit peoples needs.

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