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Knowing your skin

The right skincare and a consistent routine will help you to achieve better results.#

Everyone's skin is different, although we share similarities, but choosing the right skincare products for your skin type will keep you flawless for longer.

There is a way to determine your skin type, simply by seeing how your skin reacts naturally. To do this you can either use your fingers or a small piece of paper to see how much oil your skin produces naturally. To do this simply wash your face and pat dry and leave for 30 minutes without applying any moisturiser. After 30 mins, either using your fingers or a piece of paper, simply wipe across your face. If your fingers or paper are completely dry, you have dry skin. If your fingers or paper are slightly oiled, you have normal skin. If you are more oily across your t-zone area but dry on you cheeks, you have combination skin. If your fingers or the paper are oily all over your face, you have oily skin.

Knowing your skin type will help you buy the right products. Those with oily skin and prone to breakouts will want to use products which ingredients are non-comedogenic (doesn't clog pores) whilst those with dry skin would want to use products which ingredients are heavier on the skin and highly moisturising.

Getting to know different skincare routines will help you to determine what things are best for you. Whilst many things are good for the skin, knowing how often to use them is an important factor. Take exfoliating for example, exfoliation helps to unclog pores, remove dead skin and encourage healthy skin cell renewal which is great, however not everybody can endure daily exfoliation, and for some, exfoliating can do more harm than good. In my opinion, exfoliating should be a weekly thing for most skin types, those with oily skin may wish to exfoliate twice a week where as those with sensitive skin may find exfoliating too harsh.

There is lots of information out there but if you have any questions or want any advise on whats best for your skin, please feel free to drop me a message via any of my social media platforms or email me at

Danielle x

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