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Self care & why its important to make time for you!!

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

In the world we are living in, its important now more than ever to make time for you. We get so caught up in everyday life sometimes we forget to make time for ourselves and this is something we all need to do more of.

Self care come in various forms, from reading a book & meditating to doing something you love or having a spa/pamper day, all of which can be done in the comfort of your own home. The great outdoors is also a great place to take some time out to clear your mind and will benefit your mind and your body.

Self care isn't just pamper days and nice walks, self care is about what you do everyday to take care of you. Making sure you eat right, taking regular breaks, sitting down for 20mins with a cuppa, looking after your skin, drinking plenty of fluids... It all contributes to taking care of you.

With our homes being our most visited place right now, its vital we create an environment that is healthy and happy and good for all who live there. A lot of us are now working from home and are having to home school our children so it has become harder to create such an environment however there are small things we can do to ensure we separate the two.

For those working from home

-Try to have a designated space, either a desk space or table space and make this your place of work. I think keeping your work to one area helps to separate your home life and work life.

-Take regular breaks. Too much screen time is not good. Get up and make a cuppa, sit on the sofa for 10mins, pop to the shop and get some fresh air, just something that gets you away from the position you sit in.

-Know when to stop. We can get carried away being at home and work through our lunch break or finish after our finishing time and we have to be strict with ourselves and ensure we take the lunch breaks and finish when we are supposed to and switch off from work.

For those teaching children at home

-Like with working from home, try to have a designated teaching space. Ensure you know what the children should be doing from day to day and try and be prepared.

-Try to keep the children focused. Being at home can give the kids an excuse to play around during the school hours when they should be learning. Its important to set boundaries and ensure we do all we can to ensure our children continue to learn outside of the classroom to give them a better chance when they return to school.

-Have usual school breaks, breaktime, lunchtime etc. Its important the children continue to stay in their routine and have a break away from their schoolwork as they would in school, this also gives you a chance to have a break and take time out.

We have a lot more time on our hands and there are plenty of things we can do at home to keep ourselves occupied. Learn a new skill, finish that project you've been trying to do for so long, redecorate the room you was supposed to do last summer, but remember in all you do, take the time out to do something for you.

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