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Plant oils are naturally rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, and nutrients that help to strengthen and protect the hair. Some oils, like coconut oil or olive oil are better able to penetrate the hair shaft to strengthen from within, while others like jojoba or apricot oil tend to stick closer to the surface where they can smooth down the cuticle and give the hair natural shine.


Coconut Oil - This is considered the best natural oil for hair, because it is by far the most penetrative. It can sink deep into the hair shaft where it fills in space between the hair cells to prevent moisture loss, strengthen the hair, and improve its elasticity


Avocado Oil - A semi-penetrative oil that has benefits both for the shallow layers of the hair, and for the outside, where it can seal in moisture and protect the cuticles.


Castor oil - Has anti-inflammatory properties, so it is great as a scalp oil, especially if you’re sensitive. It is also said to help increase hair growth.


Olive oil is just as penetrative as argan oil and just as nourishing too. It helps to soften the hair, keep it moist, and load it up with different fatty acids. 


Almond Oil - This moisturizing oil is similar to macadamia oil, with medium penetration and loads of vitamin E. Almond oil for hair is extremely stable, so it is a wonderful choice as a protective oil for daytime, against pollution and sun damage.


Jojoba Oil - Seals the cuticles, provides an incredible shine, and tames frizz effortlessly.


Suitable for daily use for those with mixed or afro textured hair or as a weekly treatment for those with european hair.



Hair Oil

SKU: 80850
  • Coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, vitamin e & rosemary essential oil

    100% natural & unrefined ingredients 

    Once opened, use within 12 months


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