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A face and body oil made to promote glowing skin. Roses have the most intoxicating scent and are the perfect mood-lifter making them a perfect addition to this product. Their delicate petals are soft and beautiful, but more impressively, they possess amazing skincare benefits:


▪︎Hydrate dry skin

▪︎Good for those with acne

▪︎Minimise the signs of aging

▪︎Helps to minimize the appearance of scars & blemishes

▪︎Helps to relieve the effects of dry skin conditions


An infused oil consists of a carrier oil that has been infused with one or more flowers or herbs. The benefit to using an infused oil as opposed to a plain carrier oil is that the infused oil will contain the properties of both the carrier oil and the flowers or herbs that were infused into the oil giving you much greater skin benefits.

Perfect for everyday use.



Rose Infused Face & Body Oil

SKU: 80822
  • Sweet almond oil infused with fresh rose petals, rosehip seed oil, vitamin E & jojoba oil

    100% natural & unrefined ingredients

    Once opened, use within 12 months 

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